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A World of Thanks!
We'd be remiss if we didn't take the time to thank individuals and businesses who go the extra mile to help us meet our goals.
Want to set up surveillance cameras to view wildlife?

These guys have some of the best equipment available anywhere.

They also recently donated equipment to help us with our relocation efforts of the threatened Florida Gopher Tortoise.
Support these great companies - They always support their communities
Special Thanks to These Substantial Donors for 2017/2018

Villages Estate Liquidations, Inc.
Gerri Andersen - West Palm Beach
Dr. & Mrs. McCrackin - Eustis
Bud & Sybil Brennan - Ft. McCoy
James Anton. - Flagler Beach, Florida
The Felburn Foundation - Mr. Guy Marwick
Mike & Sandy Bowen - Ocklawaha
Anonymous Foundation - New York
Sheryl Hall, PhD
Bill Burkette - Altamone Springs
JTPPF Foundation - Anthony
Jerome Beddinger - Hernando
Julie & Dan Golz - Ocklawaha
Terreance Burdette - Windemere
"Ranger Bob" Nason - Altoona, FL
Patricia :Cookie" Kebler - Altoona, FL
Abdul Zawahiri - Orange Springs, FL
Dr. Lisa Bright and Staff - Happy Tails 
Dr. Anwal Rasheedi - Crystal River Florida

Thanks to EVERYONE who made a contribution to our organizational goals.

Our collection container program is one of our primary means of support. If you own or operate a business with a high-volume point-of-sale checkout, please allow us an opportunity to place collection containers at your registers. We use a small, clear plastic, unbreakable, unimposing and attractive container that takes very little space, and we do all the work. All you have to do is give us permission and we'll do the rest.

Thank You to everyone who volunteered and/or donated in 2015.

Our membership has grown to more than 21,981 individuals who share a common goal of conservation of Florida's indigenous wildlife species and their habitats...

Let's make 2016 a GREAT year!

ALL of the local and regional veterinary offices who assist daily with emergency care for the wildlife we bring to them, almost always at no cost to our organization.

We couldn't do it without you!

SPECIAL THANKS to Mr. Guy Marwick & The Felburn Foundation.
Thanks to all of our partner veterinarians who make our first responder project work!